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Vandal Vyxen

Vandal Vyxen is a French Pornstar from Montreal. It's true what they say about those French girls, Vandal was sucking my dick withen seconds. Her deepthroat was amazing, the sounds her throat would make...each time my hard cock opened her throat. Vandal Vyxen's face was meant to be fucked, she opened wide and took it hard.

Scene 1 - Vandal Vyxen - Deepthroat Punk Rock Princess

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Vandal Vyxen is an infamous French Canadian Pornstar! Her tattoos, and punk rock attitude is are legendary....but her deepthroat skills are what really make this bombshell something to remember. Vadal deepthroats and gets facefucked, each time my cock enters her throat you can hear it open up with a really hot slippery sound. Vandal gives her all during this blowjob and ends up stealing a load of my cum while sucking my cock in the 69 position

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