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This video has been deleted.
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Avaline is back!

Her hands are tied!

She's helpless and waiting for you to Facefuck her!

And i'm back to fuck the back of her throat. She opens her mouth and takes your cock deep inside her throat, letting you fuck it just like a pussy! Thats all I ask of this whore, open your mouth, give me your face and let me throatfuck you. When she doesn't listen....i tie her up. Like in this video! I love how little control and how submissive she is. Shes honestly the best throat hole you can think of.


This clip includes

tied up Facefuck

tied up sitting facefuck

tied up facial

head hanging (from the side) throat fuck

head hanging throat fuck

throat pie cumshot


tied up pov Facefuck

head hanging pov throat bulge

tied up pov facial

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