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The 5 Stages Of Facefucking

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Ashley can take dick to the back of her throat like few can. But like most things, theres a bit of a build up. There are 5 stages i've found each woman go through during a facefuck session. They are: Confidence, Denial, Acceptance, Embrace and Destruction. You can watch Ashley go through each one of these stages and continue to take cock better and better as the video goes on. This tiny little slut lays back and gives up her throat to you, plunging your cock deep and fully inside her tight & wet throat, you can feel her throat tighten each time she starts to gag. It finishes with an EPIC Throat Pie! I build up having to cum and of course take advantage of Ashley's throat. I push my cock all the way inside her throat as I cum and feel each clench shoot more cum deep inside her. I pull out and Ashley spits it up onto her face, making a big messy throat pie-facial mix. Truly my favorite part of the job



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