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Rose In: Wednesday's Facefuck Exorcism

Rose In: Wednesday's Facefuck Exorcism

Rose @roselynnexo was trying on slutty Halloween costumes. While trying on a Wednesday costume, the soul of that bratty - stupid bitch, took possession of her. That's where I came in. You see, the demon appears to be possessing mainly her throat. There's only one way to fix her.

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Facefuck that little demonic slutty until the soul of Wednesday leaves her. To complete the ritual, she must be facefucked hard, rough, relentlessly and extremely sloppy. Deepthroat is a demons worst nightmare. The ritual cumulates with my holy cum, purging her throat. It's really the only way I know how. O and did I mention (for my safety of course) that she's been handcuffed and locked in a cage?

This scene includes: Intro Cam - On Knees - Facial Cumshot POV - On Knees - Facial Cumshot Cam - Head Hanging / Reverse 69 Extreme Facefucking - Throat Pie Cumshot POV - Head Hanging / Reverse 69 - Throatpie Cumshot



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