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Onyx Doll In: Hard as Rock - Facefucking

Onyx - @OnyxD0ll2xx truly embraces their skill at sucking cock. There must be a G spot in her throat, the amount of moaning from facefucking her is unreal. Her deepthroat is on that level, you've got to see this!

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It’s rare for a slut like this to ask for more after getting facefucked by me, but Onyx keeps wanting more. This is the kind of attitude you want to see. Each time you put your cock into her throat, her throat gets deeper, her gag reflex lessens and her ability to completely submit starts to show. I know she can handle a lot more and a lot harder from me.

After fingering herself and making herself wet, I tell Onyx get get on her knees. She does just that as I continuously thrust my cock into the back of her throat, pushing over and over, feeling her throat start to open more and more. Until eventually, I have to cum all over Onyx’s face.

One cumshot isnt enough, you guys know I have to relentlessly facefuck her in the ‘Head Hanging’ position. Hands down the best position, your cock can glide into a sluts throat that much easier. Grabbing their head and just using them like a throat fleshlight. It’s in this position that you treat them like the whore they are. Onyx deserved a throatpie. So you know after fucking her face and pushing my cock to the back of her throat, I drop a huge load right into her.

This Video Includes:

Intro - Solo Masturbation

On knees - Facial

POV On Knees - Facial

Head Hanging - Throatpie

POV Head Hanging Throatpie

BTS / Side View



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