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INTRUDER! Relentless Tied Up Facefuck

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*WARNING* All acts are consensual and a portrayal of fantasy. All parties involved are actors/actresses and in no way acted against their will.

Ashley was taking a nap and forgot her door was open, the neighbor who had been lusting over her saw this and decided to act. He sneaks in and see little Ashley naked and on the couch. Good thing she had some rope around - pink and cute like her throat and pussy! The Intruder ties her up and Facefucks her Relentlessly, cumming 5 times! After tying Ashley up, the Intruder pulls her over the edge of the couch and facefucks her HARD! He cums withen minutes right down her throat and all over her face. He's not done though, the Intruder immediately thrusts his cock back to the bottom of Ashley's throat and continues to throat fuck her. It's just feels too good and Ashey cant go anywhere! the Intruded continues to Facefuck her until he cums down her throat again. Ashley is starting to get up set and starts to moan, but it's no use. The intruder wants to stay at the back of her throat! Over and over he thrusts into her tight wet throat, Ashley continues to squirm but its no use. The intruder fucks her throat like she's his own personal toy! He cums down her throat AGAIN for a 3rd time before changing positions. The intruder puts Ashley up on her stomach and grabs her head like its the ride of his life, facefucking her as she continues to squirm and flinch as he presses his cock against the back of her throat!

Eventually Ashley starts to like it and he loosens the ropes. The intruder mounts Ashley's chest and throatfucks her on the couch. The intruder knows he can push his cock deep inside Ashleys throat, so he throws he on the bed and hangs her head over the edge, plunging his cock deep inside her throat. The intruder has one more cumshot in him, so he lays back and grabs Ashleys head in the 69 position. Hes not about to eat her out though, this is all about HIM. He grabs Ashley's head and thrusts it the the base of his cock until he's about to cum. Pushing harder and harder, he cums down Ashleys throat for a 4th Throat Pie! She loves it :P

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