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Indian TEEN Hard Facefuck 2 69Throat Pies

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*All actions depicted are consensual and mutual* This little slut is back and willing to take your cock down her throat! Cutie Zoody is 19 and already accepted shes just a hole for cock. I wrap her up so she can't resist as much and then lay her head over the edge. It's the perfect angel to fuck that tight and wet throat. Zoody gags and squirms are your cock enters her throat, hitting her gag reflex again and again. She tightens her throat around your cock with each gag and makes it extra sloppy. Eventually, we change up angles and I fuck her throat in the 69 position. She still keeps it sloppy, gagging and spitting all over your cock. Continuing to throatfuck her, eventually you HAVE TO CUM DOWN HER THROAT. You push her head down harder and she takes a load right into her tight and wet mouth. One Throat Pie isnt enough though, you go back for a second. Leaving little Zoody all used up and messy.



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