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Extreme Tied Up Indian Teen Facefuck

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

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Zoody is back! And holy crap this little Indian hoe is ready to take her facefucking skills up a notch. Of course, you know i'm the best guy to train this slut. But here's the thing, Zoody is a little scared too, so she asks me to tie her up. It's the only way for her to stop moving and just take a rough facefucking the way I want to give it. Zoody spits up tons of liquid making it sooo fucking wet & nasty. Zoody spits all over the places as I shove my entire cock into her throat, she cant to move away - she can only lay there and keep her throat open the best she can. The video starts off showing Zoody tied up, then I start facefucking her from the side view. I change angles to get a better view of her face while I shove my cock into her throat relentlessly. I can't hold it any longer and use her face until I cum all over it. Then, you see the POV parts, so hot watching her gag and spit everywhere.



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