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El In : Throat Training Day 1 - Facefucking A Filipina

El In : Throat Training Day 1 - Facefucking A Filipina Teen FULL

El is brand new to the porn scene. Shes a 19 year old cuttie who is ready to dive into the porn scene. A tattooed Filipina, El is a rarity in the industry. She has a unique cute/sexy combo that goes perfect with her amazing body and tattoos. Shes young, willing and submissive - but she needs some training. Thats exactly why she's here, El wants to expereince the hardest facefucking she can. I'm more than happy to. She hasn't experienced being pushed to her limit in the deeptroat department, getting really sloppy is a new thing for her. Over the 2 days of facefucking, El transforms from shy and aprehensive to fully embracing how extremely messy and hard she can take a facefucking. Honestly, i'm proud of the job I did. I guess i'm pretty good at relentlessly facefucking these submissive sluts.You have to see how this training series starts and finishes. I don't think I've seen someone transform into such a sloppy/messy slut. The end of day 2 is...ughh fucking chef's - kiss messy/sloppy/spit everywhere throat pie fun.

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