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April's Lost & Last Facefucking! Extreme

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April was the first, but certainly not the last little slut I facefucked on camera. This 18 year old was born to be a submissive little fuck toy, and her throat was the best of all her holes! I arrive in style, suited up and ready to own this poor whores throat. I tell her exactly what I want her to do, show me that phat fucking ass and then get on her knees. I push my cock to the back of April's throat and fuck it until I decide to take it to the next level. I place April in the 69 position so I can completely own her fucking mouth, I grab her head and fuck it like a tight and wet pussy. April gags and salivates all over my cock, I press harder and harder when she gags, it feels so good when her teen throat clenches my cock. She gets so wet & nasty when I facefuck her, it was perfect. Then I decide I dont have enough control, so I hang her head over the bed and plow her throat with my throbbing cock. I grab her head and use it the way it was meant to be. I facefuck her until I cant control it anymore and cum all over her pretty teen face.



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