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Annabelle's Pretty Little Facefuck

@crazylittleannabelle / @crazylittleanna Annabelle Has a crazy tight throat, but it goes deep too. You just have to push a little. By the end of facefucking Annabelles little throat, she's dripping in spit, eye liner and cum. This cutie is your GND, with one exception.... she'll deepthroat your whole cock and let you cum down her throat The scene starts off with Annabelle teasing and some mini solo play. After, Annabelle gets onto her knees and I sit in front of her. She starts to throatfuck herself, as usual - I last a good 60s and have to cum in her throat and mouth. The first cumshot is always so fast, ffs haha. Afterwards is when we really get to work. Annabelle lays her head over the edge of the bed and I fuck that pretty little mouth. I start grabbing Annabelle's pigtails and using them as i fuck her face, pushing hard and harder, deeper and deeper insider her throat. Breaking Annabelle's throat barrier is like nothing else, her throat is fucking tight but it gives way. Holy fuck, you just want to stay there. But I guess she has to breath sometime. I keep fucking her face as I get closer and closer to cumming again. Looking at how red and bloodshot her eyes keep getting as my cock is in her throat is incredible. Then the black eye liner starts dripping, I couldn't imagine any better. So you guessed it, I cum right in her tight throat, pulsing and feeling how her tight throat grips my dick with each shot. Annabelle is a facefucking talent. Give this woman some credit! Additionally, I get some POV throat bulge/facefucking and some side angle. Side angle was a bit off, but hey, it's there

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1 Comment

Nov 22, 2021

😍😘Tip to base never lets you down, if you need to see a hot throat fuck

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