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Paxton Paisley: Facefuck Delivery, Whoredash Deephroat FULL+BTS

Paxton Paisley: Facefuck Delivery, Whoredash Deephroat

Paxton Paisley: Facefuck Delivery, Whoredash Deephroat

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Paxton Paisley ( at sandtwippah on Twit and at sandtripper on OF) is one of Whoredashs' newest delivery drivers. Usually, you order something online and these little sluts bring it right to your door. We're all fimilary with delivery. But when Paxton arrived, I couldn't help myself. I just had to facefuck her and I was determined to give her a 'tip' - this one right to the bottom of her throat! Her cute mouth was made to fuck and I had to find out is he had a deepthroat. Luckily, Paxton has NO GAG REFLEX! Well, at least when you're packing average like I am. She wasn't exactly going to be very compliant, so I had to get the hand cuffs on her. The only way was to get her 'calm'....when she woke up - naked and afraid with her hands cuffed behind her back, the real fun began. At first she didn't want it, until she did - I had to keep her mouth held open. That only mad it hotter. Pushing my cock into her throat, over and over again while watching her squirm and whence was incredible. At first, I fuck her throat standing up and her on her knees. I keep that up until I need to lean back a bit, so I sit down and continue to fuck her face - pushing deeper and deeper, all the way until I have to cum down her throat. I push her throat to the base of my cock and cum inside. After, I hang her head over the edge of my dungeon table. You know this is my favorite position, you can really take advantage of a young sluts throat like this. It's the best way to push your entire cock right in. Being able to feel the back of her throat clench, gag and lips on the base of my cock is my happy place. I can feel her cough and struggle with ym cock in her throat, she doesn't know this makes me even harder. It's a vicious cycle, ram my cock into her throat, facefuck her while she squirms, make me even harder and harder - which makes me fuck her face more and more rough. Eventually, I can't hold back and need to cum down her throat again. I give her a little warning, because im a nice guy. I ram in all the way to the back of her deepthroat, she can feel my cock throbbing and pulsing a huge load of cum right into her throat and stomach. She promise to keep our secret. Thanks Whoredash, now i'm a loyal customer.

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