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Nikki Lane's Next Level Facefuck

Nikki Lane's Next Level Facefuck

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Nikki Lane ( @paynikkilane on twitter - ) is back! Nikki has always had skills, but she's improved a lot - or maybe she just became more submissive? Either way, her throat felt better than ever. Nikki will swallow your whole cock and tighten her wet latin throat around you. She takes a relentless Facefucking, letting you slam your cock into her throat as she lays back for an upside down throatfuck. Grabbing Nikki's head and fucking her face is the best start to a new year a guy could ask for. This video is 20:25 m Intro/Tease 0:00 - 0:45 On Knees - Side Angle/Facial 0:45 - 3:15 Upside down/Head hanging Facefuck 3:15 - 12:15 POV Deepthroat & Facial 12:15 - 13:42 POV Throat Bulge/Upside Down 13:42 - 17:52 POV Facefuck & Facial 17:52 - 20:25

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