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Mary J In: T.H.C - Throatfuck Her Continuously

Mary J In: T.H.C - Throatfuck Her Continuously

Mary J In: T.H.C - Throatfuck Her Continuously

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Mary J ( at maryjdolo on both X and OF ) is the kind of woman you want around after a joint. I don’t know about the rest of you, but weed makes me horny AF. Also, sleepy - go figure. Mary J will do the same thing to you. This gorgeous little slut had me rock hard and in the mood for some extreme facefucking. She can take it too, like few can. 

After watching Mary play with herself, her pussy and throat were wet as fuck and ready to be played with. Mary and I start off with her hands cuffed, she’s ready for you to dominate her and gag on your cock. Grabbing the back of her head, pushing my cock deep down inside her throat, jerking my cock off in her throat - while she makes huge spit bubbles is exactly what I needed. Holding back as much as I can, I relentlessly facefuck Mary until it’s time for a huge facial.

You know by now, one cumshot isn’t enough. Especially when you have a deepthroat as good as this. Mary and I move into the classic ‘head hanging’ position. Pushing my cock all the way inside, feeling Mary's tight throat open up around my cock over and over again is undescribable. Being able to grab the back of her head and fuck her face like a good little slut is what she’s made for. Over and over, I plunge my cock deep inside as hard and fast as I can. I am giving it all I’ve got - this throat slut keeps up. I go as long as I can until I work up another huge throatpie. It’s the best way to cum. There's nothing like feeling a throat gag, clench and wrap around your cock. By the end, she’s a sloppy - red eyed mess. Just the way we like it. 

This Video Includes:
Solo Masturbation
On knees - HandCuffed - Facial
POV On Knees - Handcuffed Facial
Head Hanging - Throatpie
POV Head Hanging Throatpie

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