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Kristina Violet

Kristina Violet @kristinatxox is a little teen cutie who loves to play dress up. A fan of anime and maybe even some hentai, Kristina is willing to try anything. Which is perfect for us at Tiptobase69, because she lets us push her to her limit and past. Choking a gagging on cock while taking a facefuck. 

Atago Deepthroat Training, Azur Lane Cosplay Facefuck

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Kristina Violet @kristinatoxo loves to play dress up, so why not pretend I get to facefuck Atago from Azur Lane? Atago needs some deepthroat training and the captain is the guy to do it. Her throat is so tight and wet, watch her gag as she facefucks herself. I push my cock inside her deepthroat and let Atago give me the blowjob she's been training for. This clip includes: Intro On knees Facefuck On knees POV Facial 69 Deepthroat 'Head Hanging' Facefuck 69 Deepthroat Cumshot POV Deepthroat On Knees POV Facial

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