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Kassi Vibes Facefuck Vibe Check

Kassi Vibes Facefuck Vibe Check

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Kassi Vibes @Kassivibes is a sexy little blondie who is ready for some hard facefucking. Pig tails, wet and hot as fuck. Kassi passes the vibe check, hard. About as hard as my cock was in the back on her throat. By now, yall know the first time I cum is usually fast. But holy fuck, Kassi was so fuckng hot and excited while rubbing her wet pussy. I couldn't contain myself. I think I set a record. Hats off.....or throats off to Kassi for that. After a facial, we get into the real good stuff. Kassi hangs her head off the edge of the bed and continues rubbing her soaking wet pussy, while I fuck her face as deep and as hard as I can. Her eyes water and legs kick all while her throat clenches and gags around my cock. She knows i'm going to cum down her throat - I know i'm going to cum down her throat. I fucking love throatpies. It gets harder and harder to hold back, finally - I have to do it. I cum down Kassi's throat. Pulsing my cock all the way inside her mouth, she swallows each drop. Quickly, I push my cock right back into her throat (as soon as I can haha), I think I can cum again. I continue fucking her pretty face and tight throat. I keep pushing, and so does she - past the eye watering and gagging - kassi perseveres! Shortly after, I feel it again. This time, even harder that before. I get ready and tell Kassi. I can fell her bracing for an other throat pie. She grabs the side of the bed and I the back of her head. Again, pulsing and throbbing my cock all the way to the back of her throat. I pull out, and some cum drips down to her mouth. Good job Kassi. Trust me, you're going to like the vibe Kassi gives off :P This Video includes all portions, except the Members only BTS (side angle during head hanging) Intro On knees - Facial POV on knees - POV facial Head hanging/reverse 69 - Throat pie POV Head hanging/throat bulge - Throat pie

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