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Uni barbie is one badass blowjob queen! This ebony beauty has the throat of a fucking angel. You can facefuck her so hard it's not even funny. The spit and messy that she makes, without even giving a fuck....dam it was hot. Uni Barbie was so subissive, I could hold her head down with her own pigtails and facefuck the shit out of the amateurs mouth. This ain't no amateur deepthroater here. Uni Barbie is a true deepthroat queen

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Another Hard and Fast Throat Pie

Another Hard and Fast Throat Pie

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Uni Barbie is back and goddammm that means im cumming down an other throat. Facefucking this little cutie is so fucking fun, making her all wet and messy as she spits up from gagging on my cock. When im ready to cum, i push her head down in the 69 deepthroat position and let a huge load shoot into Uni Barbies throat

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