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Envi is a sultry small BBW, just enough cushin for the pushin without the cellulite lmao. Except the pushin' you're doing is right into her tight wet deepthroat. This brunette Blowjob machine is a facefucking treat. Amateur is no way to describe Envi, she's had way too much practice and can take your throbbing cock all the way down her throat as you cum. 

Envi Has A Deepthroat To Die For

This video has been deleted.
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Envi is brand spankin new. Shes never done porn, but goddam is she experienced. He deepthroat is legendary around certain parts. Known for how tight, slippery and bottomless it is. Envi is the kind of girl who can lay her head off the bed and take a hard facefucking without ever getting up to spit or complain. I've got to film an other scene with her, harder, faster and messier. She can fucking take it and im determine to show it. I asked Envi if I could cum down her throat, she replied with a a load of enthusiasm - what about your face? 'Yes please daddy' fuck i've got a hard on just thinking about her again.

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