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Cherry Slurpeexx In: Sloppy Slurpe Facefucking

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Cherry Slurpeexx In: Sloppy Slurpe Facefucking

Cherry Slurpee (@Slurpmeupxx) is back and better than ever! There’s been a lot of you asking when Cherry would be back, I’m glad to deliver. This sexy little slut is one of the actual throat GOAT’s. I know that term gets thrown around a lot, but it is 100% true here. Cherry can take it, and then some. I can push my cock right the the back of her throat and aggressively facefuck her over and over again. Just like her name suggests, she’ll get sloppy and slurp that throat spit right up. That is, if all that deepthroat drool isn’t running down her face. While relentlessly facefucking her, Cherry is gagging and clenching her amazing throat one my cock - making it even hotter. She’s had a lot of submissive training and it shows. She’s sort of an expert at laying back and taking it as hard as you can dish it out. It comes especially useful when you’re about to cum down her throat. She stays submissive and takes a huge load right into her throat, all while gagging and gasping on my cock. Even before that, a big facial. 

This Video Includes:
On knees - Facial
POV On Knees - Facial
Head Hanging - Throatpie
POV Head Hanging Throatpie

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