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Channy Crossfire In Cross
Country Facefuck

Channy Crossfire In - Cross Country Facefuck - Teaser Trailer

Channy Crossfire In - Cross Country Facefuck - Teaser Trailer

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Channy Crossfire @channycrossfire heard how relentless we facefuck around here, she just had to see for herself. Good thing too, because Channy was so horny and wanting to gag on a cock. I was happy to provide one. Channy is one of the few women out here who actually enjoy it too, while she was dripping with spit and gagging – Channy was fingering herself and making herself cum. What an amazing view, watching Channy rub her wet and tight pussy while she is literally gagging on cock is incredible. You’ll only be able to see that in the ‘Members Only / BTS’ video. Channy’s level of deepthroat enjoyment knows no bounds.

Channy contacted me just dying to be facefucked, of course I was obligated to deliver. After an 8-hour flight and in the middle of the night, Channy arrives ready and wanting cock in her throat. She didn’t want a regular facefuck, she needed the hardest one I could possibly do. It was late, ‘my guy’ was a bit tired, so was I. Channy asked me to put on a cock ring, it’s for situations just like this. Those rings will make and keep cock as hard as it can get. Channy knows this and wants her throatfucking to be something next level. After a few minutes of Channy rubbing her pussy and tits, we got to the good stuff. A classic 2-minute facial cumshot from me to start off, then our favorite the ‘head hanging’ position. This is where Channy and I really started having fun. Not only was she rubbing her pussy, Channy was dirty talking and asking me to fuck her face – ‘slower, then harder, just like that, don’t stop’. How I didn’t cum again immediately is a mystery. Especially considering my balls were touching her nose and cock in her throat. I keep fucking Channys face, harder and harder until I can’t hold it any longer – I go for the throatpie and holy crap it was epic. Channy takes all my cum and starts spitting it from her mouth, rubbing her face and playing with my cum. I think she wanted me to keep going, harder and harder until she came again. We’re going to kick it up a notch next time we see Channy. She can take it and god dam you know we want to deliver it.

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