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Buttplug Betty Facefuck Around & FindOut

Buttplug Betty in Facefuck Around & Find Out

Buttplug Betty in Facefuck Around & Find Out

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Buttplug Betty Facefuck Around and Find Out Buttplug Betty ( @ButtplugBettty ) has gotten used to and great at cleaning up after herself. Have you seen how much spit and squirt she can produce? So when I hired her to clean my place up, I never expected her to steal from me. Caught red handed, this maid is about to get her mouth fucked. Begging to keep her job, Betty agrees to do ANYTHING. You know exactly what we want from her, facefucking her until shes making puddles of spit and slop. Cumming down her throat, pulsing your cock into her deepthroat as she gags and spits. No letting up, grabbing her head and pushing your cock all the way inside her throat. Pound her throat over and over as her eyes water. Thats what we do here. You are not going to be disappointed with these two cumshots, one facial, one throatpie. Buttplug Betty fucked around and found out. So i fucked her face.

This video includes all portions
On Knees - Side View - Facial Cumshot
POV - On knees - Facial Cumshot
Head Hanging (reverse 69) - Throatpie
POV - Head Hanging (reverse 69) - Throatpie

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