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Berry, what can I say about her? She's a baddie with a banging mouth. No, really - you can bang her mouth. You can fuck her throat like few can. This beauty can honestly give one of the best fucking blowjobs around, she'll facefuck herself, deepthroat your cock - without you pushing her to and smile about it. But, you can also grab her by the back of the head and ram your cock all the way inside until she's gagging and spitting. I've got to put Berry in the S tier category for facefucking. She's submissive, can take it and keep it until you cum right in her throat. 

In position 1, Berry is on her knees and we get a 'from the side angle'. I fuck her mouth until I can hold it anymore and give her a throatpie. (Includes POV portion)

In position 2, it's my favorite - you know it. The 'head hanging', reverse 69, I don't even know what its officially called. But when a lil slut like this can take it hard like Berry can in that position - there are no substitutions. I grab Berry's head with both hands and fuck her throat until she's spitting up multiple times. Berry gets sloppy and let it spill to the floor. I keep facefucking her until I cum hard into her throat. (Includes POV portion)

In position 3, we get into the 69 position - so i can cum in her throat again. Berry does what she does best and blows me. She even starts facefucking herself until I cum. It's a really stick sloppy mess at the end and I fucking love it.

Includes 'B Roll' - *approx 20m*Alternate angle, less quality, no sound
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OF - b3rrybab
TW - b@by_b3rry
IN - b3rry.b@by

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