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Avaline Submits to a Hard Facefuck

Avaline Submits To a Hard Facefuck

Avaline Submits To a Hard Facefuck

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Avaline is a Canadian Deepthroat Queen, this teen slut is a submissive dream! She has very little gag reflex and loves to be dominated. This throat whore loves getting facefucked hard, grab her head with both hands and push your cock all the way down this amateurs throat. Surprising that at such a young age, her blowjob skills are this god dam good!

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Avaline is back and takes a Facefuck harder than ever! This throat slut is a submissive dream, check out around 13:00 as she gets totally dominated, tapping out then giving in that I wont let her pull away - her throat is just too fucking good. Avaline gets a facial and then throat fucked in 69 for a throat pie. Look out for more of this whore in the future. Her blowjob skills are truly unmatched...well her ability to get throat fucked is. Avaline simply opens her deepthroat up and keeps it open. Feeling the back of her throat squeeze and clench as I facefuck her, not letting her pull away. One of the best amateur deepthroat i've had in a while. She's a blowjob queen, ready and willing to be trained to take some rough facefucking

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