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Sola Stawr is a brand new amateur to the porn scene, but this passionate Latina is willing and able to show you what she can do. Sola sucks cock with the passion only a hot Latina can. Facefucking that pretty mouth and watching Sola gag while my cock in all the way in the back of her deepthroat is something i'm never going to get tired of.

Avaline Pukes While Getting Facefucked and Gets a Throat Pie!

This video has been deleted.
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Made for a fan! We do custom Vids! This video includes a good amount of puke - I facefuck Avaline reallly hard and don't let up at all. I use her face like the whore she is. Pushing her head down as face as I can and fucking that tight wet deepthroat. Avaline is a real deepthroat queen who just doesn't give a fuck that a hard cock is making her puke. I eventually cum down her throat, she deserves it after puking up her lunch!

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